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3 Get-the-Meditation-Habit

Get the Meditation Habit

Get the Meditation Habit

Meditations in Mindfulness. Join this 6 week course on Tuesdays from 27th September 7.00-8.10pm
Heart Centre, Bennett Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 3HN
£75 inc. CD for home practice.

‘Diane made Mindfulness and meditation very accessible. Each week was a joy to attend and I left the evening feeling very relaxed and ready to practice what I learnt over the following week. I was able to connect to the present moment more in my daily life and enjoyed doing this and the calmness it brought within me.’ Kirsty 2014

I offer individual and group sessions to support the awareness and understanding of where and how mindful meditation can be interwoven into daily life. This incorporates experiential learning and discussions to enhance an intellectual understanding of what is valuable in the life we live.

Mindfulness meditation practice is

  • creating a sense of present-ness within your life.
  • focusing in and focusing out
  • learning to embrace your self
  • enriching your everyday awareness
  • increasing the possibilities for living a satisfying life
  • embodying a sense of connectedness and interconnectedness

More and more research has given evidence of the substantial benefits that mindfulness accesses. It calms the nervous system, improves mood, brings greater clarity of thinking and enhances the immune system function. This applies to young and old alike. It is of enormous support for young people to use in managing their moods, stresses and strains of school life and for everyone to reduce the effects of cultural stress.

‘Diane made mindful meditation accessible. It reduced my feelings of stress. Each session was a joy to attend’ – Fiona 2014

1 Fertility

‘I saw Diane for 4 sessions regarding fertility.I wanted to feel calmer,more relaxed and less anxious.I found that listening to Dianes CD everyday really works. Diane helped me put my life in perspective and to focus on the positive more than the negative. I am kinder to myself now and feel more prepared.’ Jo 2015

There is an increasing awareness of the apparent ‘infertility’ of women in our society.Women may be fertile yet do not conceive easily or have a fear of being unable to conceive with their partner. I support women to feel more in control and able to make decisive choices. I focus on rebuilding the holistic bridge between the mind body.

More and more women are seeking medical intervention. This can lead to subsequent IVF, ICIS and other procedures being offered. I support women who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, loss, isolation, confusion and alienation between their body and self.

This has enormous impact on their self image and their relationships.

My approach

  • enables you to give voice to your fertility issues and concerns
  • gives an opportunity to understand the importance of and benefit from the mindbody connection
  • enhances your psychological ownership of your body
  • gives you a sense of dignity and integrity when pursuing fertility treatment
  • offers support and solutions

‘After several IVF attempts Diane was recommended to me by a friend in a similar situation. I felt I had become a bit of a medical experiment and ‘lost control’ of my body. Diane has helped me connect with my body again and to understand I still have choices and control over my body. Diane immediately put me at ease with her caring and practical approach. The CD’s she made for me helped me relax and gain a more positive attitude towards myself and IVF. I have found the relaxation techniques have helped in other aspects of my life too!’Caroline 2015
‘Diane helped me connect to my body again, reduced my stress about IVF allowing me to see that I have positive choices about the future’ – Diane 2012


2 Feng-Shui

‘It has been an amazing journey, the changes we made to our home and life-style were so simple and easy to do but the effect has truly been “life changing”. We have both thoroughly enjoyed the process and it has “re-energised our lives”’ Penny 2013

Feng Shui means different things to different people due to media interpretations having created a confusing and often inaccurate interpretation. Fundamentally Feng Shui is concerned with where,when and why we live where we do in space and time.  It is about the natural world that we live in. It seeks to provide an interpretation and template that is accessible and supportive. It enables us to interact with the natural forces that surround us, the ‘chi’ force, and harness those energies. The world we live in is changing, our climate and experience of our environments have become increasingly focused on the material. Feng Shui concerns our relationship with our natural world enhanced through practical, physical, material and energetic intentions and actions.

A Feng Shui Consultation gives you an opportunity to see your environment differently and to balance the force of natural energies towards creating an environment that supports you.

What does a FS consultation consist of?

  • answering a questionaire to identify what it is that you wish to improve or change in your environment and life.
  • a home visit of 21/2 – 3 hours length
  • an assessment of the external and internal environment: physical, practical and energetic.
  • a report of the findings and recommendations
  • a 3 month follow up.

Mindful Feng Shui offers you:

  •  a mindful understanding of and partnership with the environment you life in.
  •  a way to discover how to engage the energies of your natural environment
  •  an opportunity to enhance and enrich your appreciation of your surroundings and your interactions .
  •  an opening to develop mindful awareness of the energies that can support you to create changes in your life
  •  a more receptive and responsible relationship with your world.

‘I would certainly recommend Diane as a Feng Shui consultant to anyone who feels they want to improve any aspect of their life. With Diane’s guidance and support together with her professional approach and unique style she an ideal person to guide you through your own Feng Shui journey.’


4 Hypnotherapy

  • person centred
  • shared participation between client and therapist
  • efficient, exciting and enlightening tool for personal and spiritual growth.
  • Recognise and understand what is preventing you from living life fully.
  • Be mindful of your life purpose and embrace those possibilities for change.

‘I was treated as an individual not a label( CFS). Hypnotherapy gave me confidence to move forward in my life’ – Mollie T

5 Coaching

  • person centred, proactive and energising
  • understanding how thoughts create actions
  • recognising possibilities, limitations and expectations in creating a life you can embrace.

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