Diane, meeting you has really opened my eyes, not only in relation to my fear but to other aspects of my life. I may be 4 foot 11 but I certainly feel taller now. Im sure that we all have the capabilities inside us to take control of our own lives and sometimes we need a little help to see that. You have certainly helped me and I am very grateful. Thank you. Lynne

Life Changes was born in 1997 in acknowledgement of change being an inevitable part of life. I feel that what is essential to living, a great life, is how we embrace and manage those changes.

I want to share, with women particularly, my knowledge and experience in a way that inspires and enriches their lives, opening a window onto new possibilities.

I am studied and qualified in subjects that are related to the spirit, mind, body and the environment. We all embody the fragmented aspects that make up our world. It is essential to be present to the inter relatedness of all aspects, to integrate them in order to create a whole, balanced human being.

Our environment and relationships enrich or detract from, our physical body, the mental constructs we create. Our emotional literacy and derived sense of belonging are dependant on our understanding and learning from experience in order to see a new perspective and create a positive change.

My life journey has taken me on many adventures. It has satisfied my Gemini nature and natural curiosity.

I bring a valuable tapestry of professional knowledge and experience that can bring change into people lives, through the essential unavoidable relationship of mind body and spirit.

Mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, hypnosis, coaching, understanding the role our surroundings have and yoga create choice in how to approach each individual and support their journey towards a satisfying life.

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering the attitudes of their minds.” – Albert Schweitzer

Qualifications and Professional Development

Certificate in Education – 1977 – Cert ED Leeds Polytechnc
Photography Art and Design – 1992- BTEC Diplma Kitson College
Managing Change in the Community Diploma – 1996 LMU
Counselling Certificate – 1980 – Cert Counselling
Feng Shui Network International -Cert FS-6/6/2000
FSNI-Home HarmoniserCertificate-CertHH-30/06/2000
White Rose Feng Shui School- Cert FS- 4/04/2001
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy -18/4/2004
Cert-Life Coaching Newcastle College – 5/10/2004 – Newcastle College
Diploma- Life Coaching Newcastle College – 27/2006 – Newcastle College
The Spirit of 5 Rythms Dance 1 year Course – 2009 – 2010
Intro to NLP 3day course certificate- 20/10/98
NLP Diploma 29/01/2008
Meditation Teacher Training 2008 – 2009 – Home Study
Dru Yoga Teacher Training – 2012 – 2014

Solution Focused -Brief Therapy 3days with Chris Iveson – 13/5/98
Reiki 1- 30/8/98
Landmark Forum –3 days 1 evening 27/4/01
Landmark Seminars over 10 weeks –
Landmark in Action –15/11/01
Landmark Integrity– 14/5/01
Landmark Advanced Forum August 2013
Landmark Communication Course September – December 2013
Active Listening Course – 2001
Humans Being More – Nikken – 15/09/02
Explore Personal Boundaries Seminar –Simon Tresalyan – based around Anthony Robbins teachings–04/08/02
Possibility of Women Workshops-Carol McCormack 07- 09/06/02,10-13/10/02
Humans Being More – Nikken – 19/01/2003
How to Tell Stories That Heal – 15/11/06
Reiki 11 – 30/3/2007
Intro to Theta DNA Healing 22/04/2007
Advanced Hypnotic Trance Induction Applications 24/02/2008
Working with Children in Hypnotherapy 8/06/2008
Feng Shui Society National Conference Speaker Oct 2010
Narrative therapy Workshop June 2015
Produced and directed ‘Womens Window on the World’ – A film about what is important to women. – December 2013
Speech of the Embryo May 22 – 26th 2014
Women Who Run With Wolves Workshop – April  2015
Family Constellations 2 Day June 2015
Life Drawing and Art Courses – 2015 – Leeds Art College
Resurgence Wellbeing Conference – October 2015
The Fertility Show Lectures – Novemebr 2015

Opening Times

Mon – Fri 10.00am  – 7.00pm
Sat 10.00am – 12.00pm

If you wish to discuss how I may be able to help you please call or email or to book a session. I work from two locations: Horsforrth and Moortown. Please click here.

Diane Shillito
The Orchard
Town Street
LS18 5BL




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