Welcome to Diane Shillito, Fertile Body Therapist, Leeds, Yorkshire.   The home of life changes women, throughout their fertile life cycle, bringing you successful mind body approaches, hypnosis and coaching to support your Menstrual Health, Fertility, IVF, pregnancy and Menopause.
Infertility can find you feeling out of control with few choices…..

Do you feel?

  • life has lost its ‘joy’?
  • past issues are getting in the way of your ability to conceive?
  • your thoughts run away with you?
  • you can no longer relax?
  • anxious, isolated, frustrated, depressed, stressed?

STRESS is well documented to have an impact on fertility.

At Diane Shillito, Fertile Body Therapist, I support you to understand and use mind body approaches to enable you to regain a sense of control and choice over your mind and body, to let go of unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, to find joy in your life again, to enhance fertility and to see the path ahead with infertility.  Please explore this site and find out more.

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