Welcome to Life Changes Women.

I have been involved with the ever changing life journeys of women over the past 18 years, as a therapist and consultant in Leeds.

The most important part of a life journey is not the destination but what occurs along the path. The knowledge we gain, the connections we make and those things we let go of. So often we can walk right by new possibilities without even seeing them because we feel we are scared of letting go, lacking in some way or just don’t know how to stop and see what may be available to us.

Life changes women can inspire you to find your voice, to see what maybe available to you, develop your resources to be with or to move on from and create a satisfying life.

Whether you have fertility concerns, feel stressed, cant stop the chattering monkey in your head, are fearful of what ifs….. concerned about your internal environment – mind, body, soul; your external environment – material surroundings, our natural world and beyond; women can change their lives and create a firm foundation on which you can build.

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