‘Thank you for opening up a whole part of my mind to other things through Get the Meditation Habit and Meditation Journey Courses. It helped to give me courage, knowledge and belief in my own being.’ Penny B.

The most important part of our life journey is partly the destination but mostly what occurs along the way. These are frequently the connections we make, the knowledge and experiences that we gain, those things we let go of and where we feel we belong. We can be blind to new possibilities because we feel scared of letting go, feel lacking in some way or find ourselves unable to slow down and see what is around us.

Life Changes Women supports you to find your voice and speak your truth. To develop your inner awareness of resources available to you and to stop doing what isn’t necessary, enables you to be with or to move on from and create a satisfying life.

Stress closes down the minds ability to find a way forward. If you hear the ‘chattering monkey’ mind, are sad and cant find a way through the emotional swamp, feel that your dreams are shattered and are unsure of how to go forward, life changes women can offers a diverse choice of support that can make a difference.

Because life changes women inevitably.

‘The reason I approached Diane was for the effects that my inability to conceive was having on me. I really felt my body WASNT working properly causing my negative thinking and stress. She reminded me that physically I was healthy. Your non scientific approach towards the IVF procedure was really refreshing and helpful The advice you offered was so completely pragmatic and that helped me reduce my anxiety significantly. Naila H.

NEWS: I am excited to be attending the Fertility Show in London on Saturday 7th November. There are many interesting lectures to attend including MindBody discoveries and new developments in the field of fertility. I hope to give some interesting feedback from it.

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